17 Sep 2015

Perfect Green demonstrations the green features to Hong Kong China Chamber of Commerce (HKCCC) & Savills Property Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Prefect Green has introduced many state-of-the-art waste management facilities to the property management sector with positive comments received.  We have recently arranged two property management groups from China to visit the environmentally friendly facilities at Olympian City.
On 5 September, we hosted a tour for Hong Kong China Chamber of Commerce (HKCCC) while we had Savills Property Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. representatives on 10 September. Since these two groups of visitors are experienced in the industry, they raised many in-depth technical questions such as the efficiency and maintenance details of the food waste decomposer, as well as the process of food waste separation and the collection process.   
In addition, we demonstrated the operation of the glass imploder, the in-building hydropower system, and the research project on purification of food waste filtrate with microalgae to the visitors at Olympian City.
We are happy to present the green facilities to our guests.  But what we treasure more is the opportunity to exchange the waste management experience with other overseas practitioners.