17 Jul 2015

​Xinhua Agency interviewed Perfect Green on Cooking Oil Registration Scheme

Perfect Green was invited to an interview by Xinhua Agency on HKQAA Cooking Oil Registration Scheme in early July.

HKQAA has launched the Hong Kong Cooking Oil Registration Scheme aiming to facilitate organizations to supply and consume cooking oil from identifiable sources, as well as to collect and treat waste cooking oil in a proper way, through maintenance and verification of adequate and appropriate documents and records. Perfect Green has successfully passed the assessment and registered as a “Waste Cooking Oil Collector” under the scheme.   

In the interview, Perfect Green shared the importance of a registration system for cooking oil recycling industry.  The traceable source and supply could give more confidence to consumers. 
The interview lastly outstretched to the recently launched government consultation about the topic. Perfect Green supports the proposal of regulation of recycling of waste cooking oil through legislative amendments and enforcement.

The related feature is accessible online on Xinhua Agency news website (Chinese only).