13 Feb 2015

Perfect Green Supplied and Installed a High-efficiency Food Waste Decomposer at Stanley Prison

Perfect Green has supplied and installed a high-efficiency food waste decomposer for Correctional Services Department (“CSD”), HKSAR Government at Stanley Prison, the highest security prison in Hong Kong with capacity of custody for around 1,500 persons. 

We worked with CSD to design the decomposer operation workflow with a heavy emphasis on Occupational Safety and Health. Tailor-made automatic bin lifter and working platform were installed.
The decomposer can handle 100kg of food waste generated everyday. The decomposition rate could be up to 99.8% by volume. With this high decomposition rate, the compost converted from food waste can be stored in the machine chamber for up to 6 months. It is considered that this decomposer is very suitable for premises where frequent visits may not be preferred.
The decomposer is also equipped with effective odor control system and maintains a low-noise level during operation and digestion process.
We will work together with CSD to promote food waste management and waste separation at source to different stakeholders.