18 Dec 2014

Perfect Green has been registered to the “Hong Kong Cooking Oil Registration Scheme”

Perfect Green provides reliable used cooking oil and grease trap waste recycling solution. In partnership with bio-diesel plants in Hong Kong, we recycle waste oil into bio-diesel.
Recently, we have successfully registered to the “Hong Kong Cooking Oil Registration Scheme”. The scheme is developed and managed by “Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency” (HKQAA) aiming to verify the identifiable sources of cooking oil supply and enhance the traceability of used cooking oil.
Perfect Green, as the register in the 1st batch of scheme, has gone through the audit of waste oil recycling procedure and workflow by HKQAA. Our capability to maintain and retrieve records of waste oil and recycle in proper way are recognized.
We will continue to promote “Waste Oil - to - Energy” recycling to F&B industry and public.

List of Registered Organizations of the “Hong Kong Cooking Oil Registration Scheme”  
(please refer to P.7 of the attachment in the following link)