30 Sep 2014

Perfect Green Supplied and Installed a Larger Capacity High-Efficiency Food Waste Decomposer in Olympian City

The very first 100 kg high-efficiency food waste decomposer was installed at Olympian City in March 2013 which decomposition efficiency is up to 99.8%, gaining attention to the public. Many restaurants in Olympian City are attracted to participate in the food waste recycling project. In view of this, in August 2014, another high- efficiency food waste decomposer with enlarged capacity has been installed. Perfect Green provided one-stop service including relocation logistic of the existing food waste decomposer, venue set up, delivery, installation and trial run, etc. This new decomposer at Olympian City is the largest high-efficiency model among Hong Kong shopping malls, and the food waste handling capacity is increased to 500 kg daily.