9 May 2014

Grand Opening -‘Perfect Wash’ Dishwashing and Sterilisation Service Centre

Perfect Green launches Perfect Wash, a one-stop-shop hygiene service tailored for the F & B industry, with the opening of its first Dishwashing and Sterilisation Service Centre.  

‘The launch of Perfect Wash marks an important milestone for us,’ remarks Mr Terence Ng, Director of Perfect Green at the opening reception held today. ‘Perfect Wash provides a smorgasbord of cleaning and hygiene services specifically designed for the F & B industry.  It caters to the growing demand for professional hygiene services, providing a cost-effective cleaning solution so that our F & B clients can focus on their core business.  The launch of Perfect Wash extends our wide spectrum of environmental services encompassing pest control, grease trap cleaning, food waste management and used cooking oil recycling, taking our value chain to a new level.’

‘Perfect Wash was set up with a heavy emphasis on sustainability and occupational safety.  In addition to the automatic lifting platform and conveyor system, which reduces manual handling, attention has been given to the well-being of staff such as rostering, sufficient stretch space as well as a shower and rest area to achieve a comfortable and healthy workplace for our staff.  Through these efforts, we strive to deliver a win-win-win solution to the industry, employees and the Group,’ adds Mr Ng.

Commencing operation in May 2014, the Perfect Wash Dishwashing and Sterilisation Service Centre is serving a growing number of restaurants in the neighbourhood with plans for expansion services to other districts.