4 Apr 2014

Perfect Green sponsored The Hong Kong Polytechnic University "Recycling Competition 2014"

Perfect Green is committed to promoting green living and eco-technology. We recently sponsored the "Recycling Competition 2014 - Share Your Green and Win" programme held by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and WSS in Student Halls of Residence (Homantin).
During 17 March to 25 May 2014, student residents need to place their student card over the scanner to open the smart separation recycling system provided by WSS. The smart recycling system records all data of collection time and frequency. Participants compete to win the individual and group awards.
This activity encourages students to practice municipal solid waste separation and support environmental technology. Moreover, data about daily waste collection can be provided which is useful for the waste management research.
When participating the activity on 28 March 2014, Perfect Green attended several students’ thesis presentation on waste recycling and shared ides about future viable waste management solutions