25 Apr 2018

Perfect Green attended the Green Monday 6th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Perfect Green was invited to the Green Monday 6th Anniversary Gala Dinner on 22 April 2018. Green Monday promotes and empowers people to make green, healthy and sustainable living choice. They are particularly successful in promoting vegetarian and their efforts received positive responses from various sectors of the society to join efforts in reducing carbon footprints and performing social and environmental responsibilities.
The anniversary dinner has a very special vegetarian menu. The most noticeable element is that the menu is made of Onmipork, which is a new vegan pork product launched in Hong Kong. We believe that the dishes like"Sweet & Sour Onmipork”, "Steamed Onmipork Buns” and "Onmipork Ball Noodle Soup” had inspired every guests like us the importance and benefits of green diet.