9 Oct 2017

Perfect Green supported the No Car Day 2017

Perfect Green supported the "No Car Day 2017". In response to 22nd September 2017, "World Car Free Day", Friends of the Earth (HK) organized the “No Car Day 2017” in Hong Kong. 

To reduce roadside air pollution, total carbon emission and alleviate road traffic congestion, it is encouraged not driving to office on this special day, but to ride on the public transportation, cycling or walking to get to work. 

According to Transport Department, there were 546,000 licensed private cars in Hong Kong, accounting for 72% of all vehicles as at June 2017. Transportation is the second largest source, representing about 17% of our total Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Therefore, private car is one of the important sources of Green House Gas emissions and road traffic congestion.

Perfect Green appeal drivers to get into the habit of using less private cars. This can contribute on less carbon emission, cleaner air and less traffic congestion.