1 Nov 2016

​Perfect Green as EPD Registered “Waste Cooing Oils” Collector

In response to Government's policy to strengthen the monitoring work on waste cooking oils collection, Perfect Green and its parent company Best Result Environmental Services Limited has been registered with Environmental Protection Department as "Waste Cooking Oils" (WCO) Collectors, registration number are WCO-CR-1602012 and WCO-CR-1602011 respectively.
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has imposed an additional condition on General Restaurant License which will take effect on 1st November 2017. This condition stipulates that WCO from any cooking process on the premises shall be properly stored and collected by Environmental Protection Department registered WCO collector.
On the other hand, Perfect Green and Best Result Environmental Services Limited has successfully renewed the registration of the "Hong Kong Cooking Oil Registration Scheme" managed by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA). We have gone through the audit of waste oil recycling procedure and workflow, our capability to maintain and retrieve records of waste oil and recycle in proper way are recognized.
Perfect Green provides reliable used cooking oil and grease trap waste recycling solution. In partnership with bio-diesel plants in Hong Kong, we recycle waste oil into bio-diesel. We will continue to promote “Waste Oil - to - Energy” recycling to F&B industry and public.