1 Jun 2016

Perfect Green Arranged the Donation of Food Waste Compost from Island Resort Shopping Mall to Christian New Life Association’s Farm for Drug Abusers

A high-efficiency food waste decomposer has been installed in Island Resort Shopping Mall in August 2014 and it is able to handle 100 kg of food waste daily from different restaurants in Island Resort Shopping Mall.
The compost converted from food waste has been collected recently and Perfect Green arranged to donate part of the compost to “Christian New Life Association’s” Farm for Drug Abusers located in Yuen Long in May 2016. The village provides non-medical drug treatment and rehabilitation services to Drug Abusers through a range of programmes such as religious-based programmes, farming, peer support, intensive counseling, etc. for social integration.
We will work together with Island Resort Shopping Mall and “Christian New Life Association” to promote food waste management, waste separation at source and organic farming to different stakeholders.