15 Apr 2016

​HKQAA seminar on New Developments of Sustainability in 2016

Given the international focus on corporate sustainability, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) announced the strengthening of the Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide (the ESG Guide) in its Listing Rules to upgrade the disclosure obligation of the ESG Guide in December 2015. On the other hand, Hang Seng corporate Sustainability Index Series rates the sustainability performance of over 600 eligible companies listed in Hong Kong and mainland China. More and more corporates will disclose their sustainability performance to the society.
Perfect Green attended a HKQAA seminar on the new trend of the corporate sustainability on 8 April 2016. From the seminar, Perfect Green learnt the linkages of the ESG Guide to the HKQAA sustainability rating model, as well as using the GRI framework to communicate its sustainability performance to stakeholders and the public.