27 Jan 2016

​Perfect Green attended a HKQAA seminar on Sustainability Reporting

Nowadays, customers and stakeholders pay more and more attention on a company’s Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance.   Company should be social responsible and environmental conscious while making profits.   Representatives of Perfect Green attended a HKQAA seminar on “Latest Trends of Sustainability Reporting and Independent Assurance” on 20 January 2016 to learn about the topic.
In the seminar, a speaker shared that a good sustainability report depends on the quality, not quantity, of “upstream” effort, i.e. the positive impact brought by the company sustainability activities.  With strong “upstream” to support, the “downstream” product (the report) will consequently be a superior one. 
Perfect Green will continue to sow the seeds that will strengthen our “upstream” influence.