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Perfect Green Supplies Company Limited 'Perfect Green' was established in 2012 and is wholly owned by Best Result Environmental Services Limited 'BRESL', a member of Sino Group. Under the auspices of BRESL, a major force in the environmental hygiene industry in Hong Kong since 1988 and served a wide variety of trades covering more than 46 million sq ft across more than 240 sites with over 2,800 dedicated staff members, Perfect Green is dedicated to providing customers with environmental-friendly products and customised environmental solutions to build an eco-friendly living and working environment.

Our team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and know-how in designing and implementing waste reduction and recycling management programmes for all property sectors, encompassing residential, office, industrial, and shopping malls.


Vision & Mission

Perfect Green came into existence out of the idea of building a greener and cleaner environment through advocating the philosophy of 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle', collaborating with green partners and providing eco-products that minimise the impact on the environment. We strive to enhance the awareness on environmental protection of our stakeholders in addition to advocating waste reduction and energy conservation. We believe that, by sourcing eco-friendly products wherever possible, assisting customers in maximising the effectiveness of their environmental and hygiene projects, we sustain a green and hygienic environment.

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